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Operating over the course of a year under a policy governance model

Once the board has adopted policies and has a strategy in place, it must follow its agenda, taking care to adhere to policy governance principles to ensure success.

Board members, their CEO and staff
During meetings of the board, and when preparing for those meetings
The model is carried out where board business takes place, at board meetings
  1. The board meeting agenda is prepared from the annual agenda, which is written in policy.
  2. Meetings drastically change in nature - the bulk of board time is reserved for board business.
  3. Staff reports that once occupied most board time are consigned to the consent agenda.
  4. Monitoring of policy consists of MEANS compliance reporting, usually via the consent agenda, and comprehensive ENDS reporting with board discussion.  The board responds to monitoring by making judgments that compare actual results with criteria spelled out in policy.
  5. The board's response to monitoring constitutes evaluation of the organization (and the CEO).  This is a year-round process, the accumulation of which leads to CEO evaluation.
  6. At the close of each meeting the board performs a self-assessment of its own adherence to policy, as a reminder of board principles and as a guide to board behavior.
  7. Special board meetings scheduled during the year target linkage with the organization's 'owners', soliciting input about ENDS.  At these meetings the board is expected to listen.
  8. Following linkage meetings, usually at the next board meeting, board members discuss what they heard, and consider possible implications, including revision of relevant policies.
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