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Maintaining A Policy Governance System

The board systematically maintains its model of governance

During its first year of operation, and continuously after that, the board needs to pay attention to its own process (taking self-correcting measures) and organizational progress (monitoring superintendent performance) and make mid-course adjustments by adjusting policy

Board members and their CEO
Regular meetings of the board
Wherever the board meets
  1. Maintenance of the model begins with self-assessment at each meeting, noting any instances of failure to adhere to policy governance principles, and adjusting its own process.
  2. As part of board self-assessment it may assign staff or consultants the task of providing feedback on board behavior.  Owner input can be solicited via surveys, observer feedback forms available at meetings, and linkage meetings.  Customer feedback can also be solicited.
  3. CEO evaluation provides an opportunity for dialogue about progress toward desired ends, CEO compliance with means policy, and board-CEO relations.
  4. Evaluation of the organization (and the CEO) occurs at each meeting when monitoring occurs, and adjustments may be made in the relevant policy at the next meeting.
  5. Annual retreats and refresher training keeps board members knowledgeable of policy governance and reminded of its principles; new board member orientation is essential.
  6. Systematic review of each policy occurs through the annual agenda, but all policies can be the focus of a retreat, particularly after the first year of operating under the model.
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