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Bob Hughes and Rick Maloney - more than 45 years of board service

Bob Hughes served 30 years on the board of the Lake Washington School District in Redmond, Washington, and was President 4 times.  A graduate of the Carver Policy Governance Academy and a former board member for the Washington State School Directors Association, Bob is now a member of the Washington State Board of Education.  He has helped a variety of boards, including profit and non-profit, explore and adopt the policy governance model, enhancing organizational effectiveness by paying attention to board business. Bob is a regular invited lecturer on policy governance for nonprofits on behalf of the Executive Service Corps of Washington.

A graduate of Western Washington University, Bob was employed by The Boeing Company, Seattle, Washington for 31 years (now retired), serving as Corporate Director of Education Relations, General Manager of Programming Services and General Manager of Professional Software Products. For two years before retirement he served in the capacity of a loaned executive, reporting directly to Dr. Judith Billings, Washington State's ...more...


Rick Maloney has over 15 years of school board experience in University Place, Washington, serving 8 terms as President. He is also (since 2006) a board member for the Washington State School Directors Assocation.  Since 1979 he has consulted in organization development with a wide variety of organizations.  Rick led the development, adoption and implementation of Policy Governance (R) in his district from 2001 to the present, has published articles and given presentations about the model at state and national conferences.  With Bob he has assisted other boards and their CEO's as they explored, adapted, and maintained the policy governance model. He has lectured on the board-superintendent relationship in support of Western Washington University superintendent candidates.

A graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point, Rick was an Army Engineer in his first career, leading organizations as commander and in various staff capacities, including human resource management, information technology, logistics management, and engineering. ...more...

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