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Rick Maloney  (continued)

Rick holds a doctorate in education from the University of Southern California and a teaching certificate earned at Pacific Lutheran University.  He holds a continuing teaching certificate with endorsements in mathematics, physics, English, and psychology.  He has teaching experience in public, private and parochial schools at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, as well as administrative experience at the state and district levels in the areas of professional education, certification, professional development, recruitment and teacher advancement.  Although he has built bridges, climbed mountains, rappelled from helicopters, and jumped from airplanes, all-in-all he considers a 28-student 8th grade pre-algebra class to be one of life's bigger challenges.

Rick enjoys working with boards that want to govern their organizations by focusing on what boards do best, representing their communities' interests and holding the organization accountable, while avoiding the temptation, as part-time board members, to try the impossible task of out-managing their full-time staff.  He wants to help you answer the question "Who's in charge?" (you are) while avoiding the self-destructive urge to compete with your own staff.