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Bob Hughes (continued)

Superintendent of Public Instruction. His role was to assist in the development of a state-wide educational technology plan.

In 1986, Bob was asked by a business group, The Washington Roundtable, to assist them in their efforts to encourage the installation and use of educational technology in schools. Serving as a loaned executive and acting as a liaison between the business and educational community, Mr. Hughes has become an invited speaker at more than 600 workshops and conferences, organizing nine major conferences and lobbying legislators for both educational and technology reform. During this period he also served as a member of the Washington Roundtable's Working Committee on Education, a board member for both the Washington State School Directors Association and the California based Autodesk Education Foundation. In 1989 and in recognition of his work in education, the then Governor Booth Gardner named Bob to Chair his Advisory Council on Advanced Technology in Schools, while the Washington Association of School Administrators awarded him their Golden Gavel.

Bob's interest is in helping boards understand, then define, the distinction between board business and staff business. Drawing that line is a board responsibility. While delegation to staff is necessary, once the board has decided what the board's business is, it is the one thing that cannot be delegated.