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Implementing Policy Governance

Developing policies, preparing for and adopting the policy governance model

The board has decided to use the model to improve how it does board business

Board members and their CEO
Usually at special board meetings or workshops.  Implementation can take place over a series of meetings of one day or less duration, or in a 'policy blitz' over several days
Usually at a retreat site, where the board-CEO team can deliberate and work without interruption
  1. Development of MEANS policies from a set of generic templates, which the board tailors to its needs.  The sequence may begin with the board's governance policies (how the board acts), then board/CEO relationship policies (how board and CEO interact), then executive limitations policies (limiting the CEO's options in deciding means).
  2. Development of ENDS (what good, for whom, at what cost or priority) often begins from scratch, first developing a Global End statement that describes why the organization exists, then defining in progressively increasing detail those outcomes the organization is expected to achieve.  Ends are developed so that the CEO, exercising reasonable interpretation of the board's words, can focus organizational efforts (the means) to achieve results.
  3. When ENDS development is complete, all policies are in place and the board is ready to adopt.
  4. Adoption of the model should be a public event, so that all involved (board, staff, 'owners', and the public) are aware that a new method of operating is expected.
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