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An introduction to policy governance, outlining what it can do for an organization

One member (or more) of a board-management team has heard about Policy Governance and wants to learn more, or is already familiar with the model but wishes to introduce its concepts and potential benefits to other members of the team

Board members and their CEO, or Board members, the CEO, and the CEO's top management team
Usually at a regular meeting of the board.  Time required can be from 1-2 hours.
Wherever the board usually meets, or at a retreat site.
  1. Initial discussion with board's contact person (this could be the CEO) about issues the board is dealing with, and the board's awareness and interest in learning more about the model.
  2. Presentation and explanation of the model. (See example presentation)
  3. Discussion of services we can offer to help the board learn more, to develop a set of board policies, to integrate the model into board business, and stay on track with the model.
  4. Recommended further study and preparation.
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